Minnesota Guitar Academy is a local, family owned music school serving the communities of Blaine and Circle Pines, MN. Our commitment to excellence in education ensures our students receive the finest music lesson experience available. We offer guitar, piano, voice, woodwind, and music theory lessons to students of all ages. What's more, we are the Twin Cities' exclusive provider of The Childbloom Guitar Program™ — the nation's leading guitar lesson program for kids. In addition to providing high-quality music lessons, we stock a variety of guitars, instrumental accessories, and sheet music to ensure our students have access to high-quality, affordable products that serve their educational needs.

Give us a call at (763) 432-9713 to see if we are the right music school for you.

10 Benefits of Becoming a Minnesota Guitar Academy Student:

1) Music lessons for all ages

At Minnesota Guitar Academy, we feel music instruction should be accessible to everyone. That is why we offer age-appropriate instruction for students of all ages and experience levels. Give us call at (763) 432-9713 and our Director will help you select a program that is right for you.

2) Guitar, piano, and voice lessons in one location

Are you tired of driving around town from one activity to the next only to find out tonight's dinner will once again be served at the drive thru de jour? We hear you. That's why we are proud to offer high-quality instruction on a variety of instruments in one location. We save you time and we save you money... so you can once again use your own silverware.

3) Most qualified teaching faculty

Our instructors are some of the friendliest, most well educated, and sought after in the Twin Cities. Our Director only selects applicants with college degrees who have extensive teaching résumés and engaging personalities. When you choose Minnesota Guitar Academy, you can rest assured you've found the most qualified teacher in your area.

4) We are Blaine's trusted choice for music lessons

When choosing a music lesson provider, there are many important aspects to consider. Is the staff friendly and knowledgeable? Are the facilities clean and well maintained? Are there office personnel to properly coordinate lesson schedules and ensure customer satisfaction? Well, at Minnesota Guitar Academy, the answers are yes, yes, and yes! From the moment our customers walk in the door, they often remark about how courteous and professional our staff is. Enroll at MNGA, and you'll immediately see why we are Blaine's trusted choice for music lessons.

5) Spend time with your child

Would you like to spend more time with your child? If the answer is "yes," you'll be happy to know we encourage parents to attend lessons with their child. Our experience indicates students learn best when their parents are engaged in the learning process. What better way to spend time with your child than to attend their weekly music lesson?

6) Instruments, accessories, and sheet music

One of the biggest hassles parents face when enrolling their child in an activity is driving around town looking for all the required gadgets and gizmos. Can you relate? Well, you'll be happy to discover we stock all of the instruments and accessories required for participation in our programs! That means no more trips to the mall or searching endlessly online. This will ultimately save you time, save you money, and save you from the pastel-colored checklist.

7) Free, semi-annual recitals at University of Minnesota School of Music

We are the only music school in the area that offers free, all-inclusive recitals at the University of Minnesota. The facilities contain Steinway grand pianos and first-class acoustics.

Every parent just wants to know how their child is doing and if they are really progressing. The best way for a parent to understand if their investment in lessons is really worth it is to have their child participate in a recital. And what better place to watch your child perform than at the University of Minnesota School of Music? That's right, we are the only music school in the region that features free, semi-annual recitals at the U of M. University students spend thousands of dollars for a chance to perform in one of Minnesota's premier venues and we offer this experience to our students for free!

8) State-of-the-art recording studio onsite

Have you or your child ever dreamed of recording music in a state-of-the-art recording facility? Well, at Minnesota Guitar Academy, that dream can become a reality. Our fully stocked recording facility features a Pro Tools HD recording system that utilizes the finest analog outboard gear available. With equipment from AKG, Avid, Avalon, B.L.U.E, Chandler, Focusrite, Manley Labs, Neumann, Universal Audio, Yori Designs, and more, we can handle just about any small to medium-format recording project.

9) Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) certificates

We are professionally affiliated with the Minnesota Music Teachers Association and our students have the opportunity to perform before faculty to earn certificates. Several times per year, MMTA invites affiliated instructors to have their students complete standardized performance and written exams before a certified judge. Students receive written and oral feedback as well as a certificate of completion for each level of the program.

If you or your child is interested in attaining the highest level of musical proficiency, we encourage participation in MMTA standardized testing.

10) No long-term contracts

While many of our competitors require families to sign costly, long-term contracts in order to stabilize business revenue, we have a different approach. We offer the best music instruction at a fair price so our students not only remain satisfied, they can't wait to come to their next lesson.

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Offering quality guitar, voice, piano, woodwind, and music theory lessons in the Blaine and Circle Pines area.

Professional Affiliations

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Meet the Director

Minnesota Guitar Academy director Eric Nehring and son Caleb
Minnesota Guitar Academy director Eric Nehring and his family

Eric Nehring is a guitarist, vocalist, and educator from the Minneapolis area. Over the past decade, he has taught hundreds of students across the Twin Cities how to play the guitar.

Performing Life

Mr. Nehring has enjoyed a prolific performing career that includes several local and national media appearances, performances for United States Presidential candidates, and several events for members of the United States Armed Forces. In addition, he has performed at venues throughout the Twin Cities including Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, Northrop Auditorium, the National Sports Center, and Orchestra Hall. He has also played the side stages at several music festivals including Moondance Jammin' Country, Moondance Jam, and Winstock.

Academic Life

Mr. Nehring graduated from Centennial High School (1998), earned an Associate of Arts degree from Anoka-Ramsey Community College (2001), a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of St. Thomas (2007), and a Master of Music degree from the University of Minnesota (2012). In addition, he completed nearly two years of post-graduate research at the U of M within the field of music education. His primary research foci were curriculum development and playing-related musculoskeletal disorders of performing musicians.

During his decade-long academic tenure, Mr. Nehring studied with some of Minnesota's finest guitar educators including Jeffrey Van, Dr. James Flegel, Dr. Christopher Kachian, Anthony Titus, Joan Griffith, Michael Hauser, Steve Morgan, Kelly Peterson, and Maja Radovanlija. Further, he studied piano with Dr. Rudolfus Budginas and Anna Chepikova. He also studied voice with Judy Bender, Andrew Barrett, and Joseph Reed.

In May 2013, eager to bring high level music instruction back to his hometown, Mr. Nehring resigned from his teaching position at the University of Minnesota and founded Minnesota Guitar Academy. In August of that year, he attended intensive child development training in Austin, TX under the tutelage of Childbloom President, Kevin Taylor. To date, Mr. Nehring remains the only licensed Director of The Childbloom Guitar Program™ in the Twin Cities.

When not teaching or performing, Eric enjoys yoga, photography, audio production, and spending time with his wife Erin, and their two children Caleb and Ava.